White label and hand crafted premium coffee

Are you looking to sell or supply your own unique coffee blend? Essential Coffee Group works with a number of café owners and boutique coffee wholesalers to roast commercial coffee to their specific requirements.

The Essential Coffee Group has been roasting coffee from inception, and it is a core part of our business. Understanding flavour profiles from beans and how to maximise blends for traditional verse automatic machines is what we love to do.  We are HACCP certified and can work to meet other requirements such as Rainforest Alliance or organic beans. Our roasting specialists can work with you at our facility or come to you to discuss what you need from a white label roasting facility.  We can even work with you on your own branded packaging. We would love to hear from you to discuss your custom coffee blend requirements.



After reviewing and looking for the perfect method for roasting coffee, our Australian designed Fluid Bed Roasting Plant was the first of its kind in Australia and has its own unique roasting technique. It has been designed to optimise the desirable aspects and eliminate any unfavourable characteristics, and currently roasts in excess of  3 tonnes of coffee per week.

The A-grade beans we use are sourced from the highest quality producers throughout the world then roasted in-house for the ultimate in freshness and taste. The technique utilises conventional equipment, ensuring reliable operation, integrated and controlled in an innovative way, producing roasted coffee from any origin of green coffee bean with consistent flavour via a precise and repeatable method In addition, an automatic control method of adjusting the roast conditions to suit variation in green bean behaviour has been developed.

The dynamics of the heat transfer during roasting are such that it allows every bean to be processed to the same end-point condition of temperature and time. This guarantees that the coffee flavour is at equilibrium, resulting in no bitter flavours, consistent moisture content, a good strong aroma and increases shelf life of the roasted coffee (as whole beans). Further to our commitment of producing high quality roasted coffee, our process has very low emissions and is energy efficient, with the possibility of the unit being heated completely by bio-fuel in the future. Currently the unit is heated by natural gas and does not require an afterburner to remove smoke and odours, these are processed back through the unit and turned into energy. This means our new Roaster produces less carbon emissions than 99.9% of the Roasters on the Market.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our coffee specialists, contact us for a tasting today.