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Essential Coffee is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Flymax products in Australasia, we are the only authorised service repairer able to maintain and service your Italian flymax automatic machines.

Flymax, hand-made quality coffee machines from Grassobbio, Italy provide the new generation of automatic and semi-automatic dispenser machines of coffee and hot drinks. Flymax over the last 20 years has offered a wide range of products to convenience vending and catering operators, combining modern and elegant design with the traditional methods of preparation of real espresso coffee and Italian cappuccinos.


Flymax designs and manufactures all its machines and has over twenty years of experience in this field. This includes includes all mechanical, electromechanical and electronic parts.


Elegant and refined, the Flymax products are the last generation of automatic dispenser machines.


  • Flymax offers a wide range of models to meet the requirements of the customer.
  • From “small” semiautomatic machines to “big” dispenser machines, with up to 600 cups.
  • All models are provided with the same patented brewing unit, complete with conical-grindstone grinder (This simplifies maintenance and servicing of the machines).

Contact us for a demonstration and a great tasting coffee.


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