Essential Slush Machines and Slush Flavours

What’s your flavour…tell me what’s your slush, frappe or cocktail flavour

One of the many benefits of having an I Luv Slush or Essential Slush machine is the huge range of flavours to choose from. Did you know that we have six syrup varieties including Fun Flavours, Fruit Slush, Kidsafe Slush, Isotonic and our Cocktail range? This means there are over 30 flavours across the range to choose from!

Our Client Care team tell us the most popular two flavours are Cola and Blue Lemonade from the ‘Fun Flavour’ range. There must be some blue tongues out there? Well, we know you have good taste!

As summer approaches, our cocktail range is a big hit. Choose from aptly named flavours such as Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Lemon Margarita’s! We’re dreaming of Summer already!

We also recently launched Iced Frappee mixes in Chocolate and Iced Coffee.

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