Quick n’ easy latte art tips to look like a pro!

Here at Essential Coffee Group we are all about the ‘Luv,’ and what says Luv more than heart latte art? In each edition of Essential News we will talk you through how to create latte art. We’ll start with a heart, as mastering the ‘heart’ will lay the foundation for other latte art techniques and it never fails to impress! When you first begin, it’s not easy by any means. It’ll take persistence, practise and patience – but have fun!

1.  Once you’ve made your espresso and steamed your milk, rest the spout of your jug against your cup and then rock the jug side-to-side at a constant pace until a circle or apple shape starts to form. Then, introduce the milk into the centre of the cup while holding it on a slight tilt.

2.  When your circle has formed, pull your jug directly up to create a thin steady stream of milk. This will create a suction that will arch the top of the circle in order to create the love heart curves.

3.  When the cup is almost full, keep the flow of milk steady and then follow-through the milk from one side of the cup to the other to create your coffee art heart. And you’re all done!

How’d you go? We’d love to see your creations!

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