Beat the brain freeze!

You know that feeling. We’ve all been there! When you’re sucking away on your favourite slush flavour when suddenly a lightning bolt of severe pain shoots to the top of your head! Also known as ‘cranium cramp’, here are some theories for relief, so you can drink more.

Method 1
Some say one of the first things to try is the ‘thumb method’. As soon as you feel your brain freeze coming, put your thumb to the roof of your mouth and hold it there until your brain freeze goes away.

Method 2
Drink a warm substance (can we suggest a coffee?). The drink doesn’t have to be really hot, it just needs to be room temperature or above to restore your mouth’s normal temperature. Sip the drink slowly and swish it around your mouth a bit. This will warm up your palate.

Method 3
Make a mask with your hands to cover your mouth and nose. Breathe quickly into your cupped hands. The idea of this is to trap your warm breath and raise the temperature inside your mouth.

Method 4
Wait it out. The brain freeze will usually pass on its own within 30-60- seconds. Sometimes the shock of it can make it seem worse than it is, however if you expect it and know that it will pass it might not be so bad.

Method 5
Easy tiger! As tasty as I Luv Slush is, try to sip it slowly. Consuming icy cold slush really fast in a couple of slurps may be fun and super tasty, but it also makes you much more likely to get brain freeze. The theory here is that enjoying it this way slowly keeps the cold from overwhelming the blood vessels in your mouth with sudden temperature changes.

Now that you’ve beaten the brain freeze, there is nothing left to do than enjoy another cup of your favourite I Luv Slush!